Selma leaders roll out another way to progress city

The Selma Comprehensive Community Master Plan front cover.
The Selma Comprehensive Community Master Plan front cover.

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SELMA, AL (WSFA) - A stapled packet of sketches holds a plan for progress.

"Now is the time to roll up our sleeves," says Charlotte Griffeth, Selma's Director for Planning and Development.

She says the research, citizen input and long hours began two years ago.

Now, there's a blueprint for the next twenty-five.

"Selma will see a new birth," she says.

That birth includes a new Selma High School, parks and biking trails, downtown revitalization, improved infrastructure, and completion of a comprehensive riverfront project.

"These are things that people had indicated at the beginning of this process they wanted to see," adds Griffeth.

Selma residents recently approved borrowing $12-millon to pay for many of the projects in the twenty-five year plan.

"We are a little ahead of the game in terms of implementation," says Griffeth.

Downtown business owner Buddy Swift can't wait.

He remembers a vibrant business district along Broad Street.

"It was just a great place. Ya know, Saturday afternoon you had two policemen directing traffic," says Swift.

Now, he hopes this new plan creates a renaissance in an area he considers his second home.

"The store's been in business 94 years.  Wouldn't think of going anywhere else," adds Swift.

It's a plan breathing life into the city and keeping folks like Swift in business a little longer.

"I sure plan on making it to 100 years.  That's not that far off."

Selma has $4-million dollars allotted for the project right now. That amount will go up as they're awarded more federal and state grants.  So far re-roofing and sewer projects are already completed.

The entire plan must still go before the city council for approval.

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