Military family watches Fort Hood horror unfold

SFC Morris Lowery
SFC Morris Lowery

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - More than 800 miles from the scene of the shootings, Becky and Melvin Blackmon watched their television, stunned.

"There are not a lot of words, just a lot of feelings," Becky Blackmon said.

"When I heard all of this was going on, I asked all our friends to pray for us," explained Melvin Blackmon.

Their son, SFC Morris Lowery is on the other side of the TV screen, based in Fort Hood.  The couple received a phone call from Lowery's wife shortly after the shots were fired.

"The MPs had come down the streets, saying 'Everyone, get in the house. Stay in the house.' Telling them it wasn't a training mission, it was a real threat," Mrs. Blackmon described.

From all accounts, their son is fine.

"My daughter in law did tell me our son had been sent up in a helicopter. [. . .] He's a trained sniper, and when there's an issue like this, a lot of times, he's involved," she continued.

The Blackmons know the risk.  Their son is a military man.  A Bronze Star recipient, moving through the ranks.

They know there's a lot they don't know, but this scenario caught them off guard.

"When they're at home, I relax. This is supposed to be a time that they're safe, and for something like this to happen--it's insane," Melvin Blackmon said.

The Army has set up a Fort Hood information line.  That number is 1 (866) 836-2751.

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