Dothan man among wounded at Fort Hood

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - A Dothan man is among the wounded from Thursday's Fort Hood massacre.

The Alabama National Guard has identified him as Major Randy Royer of the 135th Expeditionary Sustainment Command.

Royer's neighbors in Dothan say they're in disbelief this tragedy hit so close to home.

Don Carter, who's lived next door to Royer for five years said, "You don't think that it could really get that close to you and even touch you."

The last time he saw Major Royer was a little over a week ago, when he left for training in Texas.

Carter said, last night, he watched the events unfold on television.

He said, "I was shocked.  At that time, I really didn't put two and two together that Randy could be involved in that."

Lt. Col. Cynthia Bachus is with the Alabama National Guard there in Texas.

She spoke to us by phone, and says Royer's wife is by his side.

She said, "On behalf of his wife, she's asked that she could have this time to make sure her husband is okay, and she is at the hospital with him."

So far, no details are being released about the nature of his wounds, but we're told he will recover.

Bachus said, "They're not life threatening, but they are going to require surgery, I can confirm that."

Back at his home, neighbors tell us Royer was the type of man, that when someone was in danger, he would be the first person to help.

Carter said, "He's the kind of neighbor you want to have.  He'll do anything for you.  He'll give you the shirt off his back if he could."

Right now, they say all they can do is keep Royer and his family in their prayers, hoping his wounds will heal fast, and he can return back home with his family soon.

Major Royer and 260 other members of the 135th were at Fort Hood awaiting deployment to Afghanistan later this week.

The group departed from Birmingham less than a week ago.

Friday, Fort Rucker and all army posts nationwide held a moment of silence for the fallen and injured soldiers at 1:34 p.m., the time the gunman opened fire at Fort Hood.

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