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The Prince family
The Prince family
Ryan Prince
Ryan Prince

Written by: Valorie Lawson - bio | email
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Everyone loves to receive an unexpected gift, but how willing are most to share them with others? A young man born with a disability showed others only his 'abilities' recently. His family, the Prince family, is one of Alabama's "Families of the Year". They say Ryan had the gift of a sacrifice and selflessness. He didn't hesitate to share his loving heart with others.

Over a plate of brownies and a cup of coffee you can learn a lot about Besty, Michael, Mary Beth and Davis Prince. This family is loving and grounded by their faith.

"I think every family has it's special parts," Mary Beth offered. "And we have our special parts."

"If we didn't have our faith we wouldn't have been able to get through the challenges we've had over the past 30 years," admitted Betsy. "That's how long we've been married."

It's a union that produced not just two children but three. "Ryan was one of the few people without saying a word, without being able to walk was able to express his love," explained Michael.

Ryan Lindsay Prince had Cerebral Palsy and for 24 years he was a gift his family was grateful for. Besty Prince says when she learned her unborn son would have a disability her family prayed for a miracle. They received one.  "It ended up being one of the best things that happened to our family," she said. "It strengthened our family, our faith. It made us all realize the little things in life and how important they are..."

"Especially with Ryan we've always known to take care of him. It was never something they had to tell us, we just knew what do it...," said Davis. "At some point later own we enjoyed doing it in a way."

Ryan passed away in August, but his memory lives on in the Prince household. Their conversations often center around him and what a blessing he was to so many.

He was a very busy young man. He had two jobs. He delivered newspapers to a local church and he worked at the mental health department.

The prince family will be honored along with four other families as part of the Family Guidance Center of Alabama's "Families of the Year" awards ceremony.

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