Families of the Year - The Waldos

The Waldo family
The Waldo family

Written by: Valorie Lawson - bio | email
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Reverend Mark Waldo and his wife Anne have dedicated their lives to helping others through the Episcopal church and raising a family that lives out their values.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Waldo are in their 80's, but don't let their ages fool you. These two are very active in the community and respected members of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension. 

"The ministerial association is very important, I've been involved in several church activities...," explained Mr. Waldo on a recent visit. He's also busy serving on several boards. Along with church, gardening keeps Mrs. Waldo busy.

The couple came to Montgomery in the early 1960's with six children, and they remember what it was like to be a family before cell phones, e-mail and too much TV. "One thing we did all of their growing up was eat dinner together, a very difficult thing to do these day with sports and all the distractions," explained Mrs. Waldo.

Still their children grew up and made their parents proud. Along with six children, the Waldo's have 16 grandchildren. There's a new generation learning from their grandparents.

"They see the best in others and they encourage and respect in a way that I think is an example for all of us to follow," said Rev. Mark Waldo, Jr., one of the couple's sons. "It certainly has been the example that the six of us kids have learned from and strived to immolate."

"I think what's made our family is different is everyone of us has learned to some degree to take self evaluations," Mr. Waldo believes, "and to realize we are not an individual unless we are rooted in a community and in a family."

The Waldos have roots that grow deep and produce what a positive family role model is all about. The Reverend Mark Waldo is Rector Emeritus at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension. His wife Anne is known as his helpful partner in life.

They're one of five families honored during the Family Guidance Center of Alabama's "Families of the Year" awards ceremony.

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