Stores, restaurants looking for help this holiday season

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The country's unemployment rate continues to rise.





"It's picked up quite a bit," he says.

It's no surprise stores are already cashing in on Christmas merchandise.

"You can see we have our Christmas trees up already," says Thornton.

But with the increase in store hours and shoppers comes the need for more man-power.


"We're looking to bring on probably another 60 people here. We've already hired around thirty."

Target managers say they held off hiring people all year because of the economy.

"Now we have a little bit more room--a little more leeway to bring more people in."

And they're coming. Thornton says it's rare to see empty application kiosks.

 "People are almost standing in line waiting just to fill out an application. I've probably seen more than we've ever had before," adds Thornton.

But it's not just retail needing the extra help.

Thanks to seasonal hiring, Nichole Butt landed a job at Texas Roadhouse in Montgomery's East Chase shopping center.

"I figured I had a really good chance at being hired here," says Butt."We are definitely looking for good applicants, good talent right now. And we have been very selective," says Store Marketer, Christina Craig.

Texas Roadhouse managers say the economic crunch hasn't hit them.  In fact, they're increasing store hours this season, which means even more employees.


Butt says she feels fortunate and hopes this job leads to a permanent spot on the team.

"I'm ready to go ahead and finish up my training, so I can get on the floor and get out there and do it."


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