Scarecrow Park in Opp

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OPP, AL (WSFA) -    At first glance, it look's like a lot of folks playing in the woods.   But look again.  The fishermen, the school kids, Santa Claus, none of them are moving.   They are some of the 250 scarecrows at Lake Frank Jackson State Park in Opp.

So where do they all come from?   Some are from local residents, some come from nearby churches, and others from local businesses who design they're scarecrow to promote their business.   "The purpose of this project is just to get people out and see the park," said Scarecrow in the Park organizer Jenelle Kelsoe.

You'll see all kinds of stuff:  a bow hunter, a man climbing a tree with some bears waiting down below, a scarecrow made of tires, and an entire scene from the Wizard of Oz.     "This has been such a successful project and we enjoy watching people come see it."

You can see it for yourself through the end of this month.   Check out the Covington County Chamber of Commerce's website for more info:

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