Ala. sniper victim's family in Va. for execution

Princess Harper, Claudine's sister, says she's "numb".
Princess Harper, Claudine's sister, says she's "numb".
Claudine Parker died in 2002. Officials believe Muhammad gunned her down.
Claudine Parker died in 2002. Officials believe Muhammad gunned her down.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Beltway Sniper John Allen Muhammad was never taken to trial for the murder of Montgomery resident Claudine Parker. That's because the state of Virginia had the first opportunity to try him.

But Parker's family members are in Virginia this Tuesday evening representing their loved one. Muhammad will die by lethal injection at 8:00pm.

Princess Harper, Claudine's sister, is one of the family members who traveled to Virginia. She says she has no reluctance in making the trek. "I knew it was something that I needed to do."

She needed to be there because she and her sister were almost as one. "If somebody had done something like that to me, Claudine would have never stopped doing everything she could, doing whatever needed to be done," Princess explained. "She would have never stopped." She says she wanted to do the same.

Claudine Parker died seven years ago when she and a co-worker were shot while locking up the ABC store on Zelda Road for the evening. Like all the ten people Muhammad randomly shot and killed in the Washington, D.C. area, police say he murdered Harper's sister too.

"Nothing," Parker says when asked what she thinks she'll feel when Mohammed dies. " Because I just don't feel anything." She did say she was "just numb."

Princess harper says she doesn't plan on witnessing the execution. She's there only because she wants to be there for her family and other victims' families.

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