Alabama AIDS Statistics

Here are some Alabama AIDS stats from the Centers for Disease Control:

  • The HIV rate in Alabama is 3 people per 1,000 known to be HIV positive.
  • The HIV rate in Mobile is 1 person in every 200.
  • The HIV rate in Montgomery is 1.5 persons in every 200.
  • The HIV rate in Birmingham is 1 person in every 200.
  • The HIV rate in Huntsville is 1 person in every 300.
  • African-American males have the highest case rate, followed by African-American females, then white males, then white females. More infected people claim to be heterosexual than homosexual.
  • New infections are disproportionately found in African-Americans (71%) and young people under 32 (55%).
  • 40% of all new infections are in women of childbearing years.
  • Slightly over 12, 500 people believed to be living with HIV need care -- 2,000 are women and at least 6,000 are affected children.
  • Medications cost $10,500 - $15,000 per year per person.
  • At least 2,500 persons living with HIV in Alabama are not engaged in care.
  • Estimated cost for hospitalizations, emergency room visits, emergency medications, and medical visits for individuals who are HIV-positive and not receiving routine HIV-specific care is as much as $100,000 per person.