Capital murder suspect released in Elmore Co.

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Jerry and Linda Ingram can't believe it.

"I want someone to explain it to me," said Mr. Ingram.

Explain why 80-year old Paul Norman Jones, the man accused of shooting the Ingrams and murdering 85-year old Frank Barrett in May, is out on bail, a $25,000 bail meaning Jones paid only a fraction of that amount to get out. The Ingrams aren't the only ones upset.

Linda Ingram read a letter from the children of Frank Barrett.

"From the Barrett family, we find it very repugnant that Paul Jones has been granted bail," according to the letter Ingram read to WSFA 12 News.

The shootings stemmed from a property dispute Paul Jones had with the Ingrams. There was an argument between the two neighbors. Jones not only allegedly shot the Ingrams, investigators say the suspect also shot Barrett who tried to intervene.

"I had to have 100 stitches. He shot Mr. Barrett through his storm door,' said Mrs. Ingram.

Now Paul Norman Jones is a free man but apparently not well. Jones' attorney Tom Azar of Montgomery argued for a low bail because Jones has been diagnosed with an aorta aneurysm, potentially fatal for an 80-year old man. Elmore County District Attorney Randall Houston told WSFA 12 News he objected to the bail but understood the circumstances.

As part of the deal, Paul Jones' son agreed to take his father away immediately and admit him to a VA hospital in Arlington, Virginia, for treatment. That's where Jones' son lives.

Despite assurances from Jones' son that his dad would stay away, there is still a sense of unease in the Wetumpka neighborhood.

"I keep my doors locked and blinds closed," said Jerry Ingram who suffered pellet wounds to his chest.

Gunshots in May.. still being felt 6 months later.

That $25,000 bond is the lowest ever for a capital murder suspect in Elmore County, according to Houston. Prosecutors did not plan to seek the death penalty.

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