Mystic Tan

With spring just around the corner it's time for sun lovers to begin work on their tans. But for those who can't tan or just don't want to take the risk, David Hagood has a procedure just for you. Brie Smith is the district manager for premiere tans... so she has tanning beds at her disposal all the time, but with her fair skin, it takes longer to achieve that perfect tan. "It usually takes me longer because I have to go shorter amounts of time." So Brie is testing out an instant tanning product at Premiere Tans on the Atlanta Highway it's called mystic tan and uses magna technology. This means that the tanner stands on a metal plate and is grounded so that the tanning solution is drawn to you. And in just two applications, you see remarkable results, without turning orange or streaking i might add. It works! Right now the mystic tan cost $24 for 2 visits and don't forget it took brie 2 visits to get the color she wanted... But there is a three step process you can also choose. If you have a does it work suggestion, drop David an e-mail at