Editorial: Taxing Troubles Feedback

You offered plenty of feedback on our Taxing Troubles editorial this week.

James Henry emailed: "If the Department of Revenue and the local revenue office would crack down on current use abuse a lot more money would be flowing in on property tax. If you own 10 acres or more you can apply for current use if you claim the property is for pastureland, timber or row crop.  It's that easy. No one checks it out.  So if you currently pay $400 a year and you file for current use your taxes would now be $200 a year."

Dan Hart emailed: "You could be correct in advocating yet more taxes for the state, but before you do please consider the hard working, struggling middle class that will be paying them and the sometimes arrogant public stewards charged with spending them.  Here in Tallapoosa County we pay over $10,000 per student for public education, while the superb private schools with their 90s percentile graduation and college acceptance levels do it for a little more than 50% of that.  I would like to see much more effective use of the huge tax stream already lavished on Montgomery before I could agree to send even more.  I too wish the very best for our state and appreciate your interest.  Now get out there and help get us some accountability. Thank you for looking out for us."

Dan – WSFA will demand answers and you do the same.   As we approach this campaign year, ask all candidates – how will they raise revenue in Alabama?