Burglars break more than glass at Child Protect

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- A break-in at a place that's supposed to protect victims of child abuse.   Early Friday morning Child Protect became a victim itself.

Police spent much of night at the child protect building gathering evidence to help them find who's responsible.

Officers got the call about 12:30 A.M.   Half an hour later - Child Protect officials arrived to see the damage for themselves.

Thanks to the alarm, the burglars didn't get much. They did steal a T. V. and a DVD player, though, and Child Protect's Director Jannah Bailey says that is enough to really hurt their every day mission. @

"It's T. V. and DVD player was a tool to calm children down with happy movies, before their interview, I'm a not in a very happy place right now," said Bailey.  She estimates it will cost about a $1,000 dollars to repair the window that was broken and replace the T. V. and DVD player.

However, much more was taken away than just the T. V. and DVD player, it was time and energy as well.   "I would have been glad to give up the Chef Boyarde if they were hungry, whatever they needed the T. V. for...maybe people are desperate," said Bailey.

This year alone, child protect has helped 509 abuse victims.

Just a few hours earlier on Thursday night, Child Protect celebrated 20 years of hard work and countless success stories.