Country Crossing spokesman fires back at Governor

Posted by: Melissa Johnson - bio | email

Dothan, AL (WSFA) - After the Alabama Supreme Court sided with Governor Bob Riley's Task Force on illegal gambling in the White Hall case, the Governor says, that ruling gives the green light to removing any similar machines in the state of Alabama.

He is telling Sheriff's Offices, District Attorneys, and the Attorney General to go after those machines immediately.

Friday night, a Country Crossing spokesperson fired back.

Country Crossing, an entertainment venue set to open next month in Houston County, plans to have electronic bingo.

Jay Walker, official spokesperson for entertainment venue told WSFA 12 News:

"The statement that came out of the Governor's Office today was pathetic. I don't know how he can read the same opinion that we did and say that it is illegal statewide. I think today was a great day for Country Crossing, and a great day for Alabamians in the fact that finally the highest court in the land in Alabama finally defined what bingo really is. Number one, it is legal electronically, number two there are six different definitions in there that we have to follow, and that we will follow.  And we will be above board and transparent as we have been and always will be."

Phase one of the multi million dollar project is set to open in three weeks.

It includes a bingo pavilion, three restaurants, and a bed and breakfast.

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