Safety a big concern for Montgomery residents

Posted by: Mario Hendricks - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The city of Montgomery averages 32 homicides a year. The latest, 17 year old Marcus Alloway, died as he tried to save the life of another.

"I just admire the young man for what he was trying to do. But it just breaks my heart that a young life was taken", said Montgomery resident Hampton Kicklighter.

But does hearing about those lives taken and the sheer number of them make residents feel less safe?

"I am concerned from day to day but staying in Montgomery I do feel like my safety is at risk, I don't know if it concerns me that much. We have family living in other places that hesitate to come visit us here in Montgomery." added Montgomery resident Linnell King.City leaders say the numbers are typical for a city of Montgomery's size. Mayor Todd Strange stated that "We're not unique. We're now experiencing some of the things that others have not because we're getting to be a bigger city."

Even so, residents say something has to be done. One man says that the answer lies in stricter gun laws while others say we need more police presence.

Mayor Strange says that this should not be cause for alarm. He urges all residents not to panic because the situation is not in crisis mode.

Several concerned residents have asked Mayor Strange whether or not a curfew could be a solution to cutting down on violence. He didn't agree but said that he believes it is worth a discussion.

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