What's next for White Hall?

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WHITE HALL, AL (WSFA) - Reaction continues to pour in the newsroom Saturday following the Supreme Court decision on electronic bingo.

Friday, the high court sided with the Governor's task force on illegal gambling and against White Hall, saying the lower court was wrong in blocking the state from making a second raid on the gaming center.

The court also defined bingo as being played on a card with 25 spaces, with randomly selected numbers called out one at a time.

Back in March, the Governor's task force on illegal gambling raided the center, seizing 100 machines and more than $500,000.00.

The fight has been in court ever since.

Many residents in White Hall see the building as more than just a place to gamble.

"I just hope they do not close it because there is a lot of poor people in Lowndes County and we need all the help we can get, and the center produces some money," stated White Hall resident, Frank Wagner.

"I think this casino employs something like 100 people.  That's really a plus to this county and it also is bringing in revenue to the town of White Hall.  I think that it should stay on, simply because people are going to gamble. If they don't gamble in White Hall, they will go somewhere else to gamble," said Ceotis Baker, White Hall resident.

Many in the gaming industry are not too happy about the ruling, including Milton McGregor, the owner of Victoryland gaming center in Shorter.

He sent WSFA a statement saying, "Bob Riley is nothing more than a hired gun for the Mississippi Indian casino owners."

A spokesman for the Governor's office says anybody that believes this lie is grasping for straws.

He says the law is clear and the ruling is clear.

Country Crossing developers in Houston County say now that the Supreme Court has given a definition of electronic bingo, they plan to follow those guidelines.

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