Forever Families In Lee County

Fun and games on a November afternoon for Leslie Farrington, the mother who adopted 3 boys 18 months ago from Ukraine.

Why is this a big deal? Consider the story of Storybook Farm founder Dena Little. One year ago Dena's sister-in-law chose to adopt a child and one idea led to another.

Today, is the first day, the beginning of the Forever Family Festival, a celebration of sorts.

"This is just a day for adopted families to have fun. We praise them for what they've done and it's also a chance for them to meet and talk about the adoption process," said Little.

Storybook Farm itself specializes in free therapeutic care to children with chronic and terminal illnesses. Forever Family is a new dimension, geared towards families with adopted children. This is where they get a chance to trade stories how their children came to live with them. In Farrington's case, her 3 boys were found in an orphanage.

"We know they left there in the orphanage but we don't know the details," said Farrington.

The festival consists of a hayride, riding horses and arts and crafts, a picture of new families created through adoption.

Dena Little says her goal is to have the Forever Family Festival every quarter beginning next year.