Governor puts gaming machine makers on notice

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MONTGOMERY – With an Alabama Supreme Court ruling defining bingo in hand, Governor Bob Riley has contacted gambling commissions across the United States notifying them of the court's decision and urging the commissions to make sure the gambling machine manufacturers they regulate cease all illegal activity in Alabama.

"The Supreme Court's ruling is crystal clear," said Governor Riley in a news release. "All these so-called electronic bingo machines are illegal in Alabama and it's time for them to go. We warned the gambling commissions and the slot machine manufacturers almost a year ago that these machines are illegal, so the Supreme Court's ruling can't be a surprise to them.  It certainly isn't to us."

Governor Riley goes on to contend, "This ruling has statewide authority. It references every bingo amendment in Alabama and provides a clear and precise definition of bingo that applies to every county. What we've told the commissions is they need to make sure the manufacturers that operate under their jurisdiction are complying with the law in Alabama.  For our part, we intend to prosecute violations of our law to the fullest extent."

Governor Riley's letter to the gambling commissions of Nevada, New Jersey, Michigan, Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arizona can be viewed HERE.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Governor Bob Riley's office