Country Crossings: Ruling a "great day for us..."

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - Country Crossings, an entertainment center in Houston County, is  reacting to Governor Bob Riley's actions after Friday's Alabama Supreme Court ruling on White Hall Gaming Center.

The Governor stands firm that the ruling makes electronic bingo illegal throughout Alabama. Country Crossing says not only is that not true saying, "nothing could be further from the was a great day for us at Country Crossing."

Country Crossings spokesman Jay Walker released a statement Monday accusing the governor of living up to alleged campaign promises made to Mississippi Indian casinos.

Walker's statement reads:

I understand why the Governor sent out yet another press statement on Friday declaring once and for all electronic bingo is illegal in Alabama.  He is fulfilling a campaign promise to the Indian Casinos in Mississippi to not allow electronic bingo in Alabama.  I must give him credit, they are getting their money's worth, because he is fighting the opening of Country Crossing to the bitter end."

"Now, as for electronic bingo being illegal in Alabama, nothing could be further from the truth, and it is immature and pathetic that one could read the Supreme Court's ruling from Friday and say anything other than it was a great day for us at Country Crossing.  With all of the political heat that the Governor has put on the Supreme Court Justices, they were kind enough to clarify the laws regarding bingo and set forth guidelines for us to follow.  The guidelines will be set by the County Commission and we will follow them without hesitation."

"My final wish is that the Governor stop playing dictator and meddling in the business of every county in the state and start playing Governor and reduce the job loss and get Alabama off the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to education.  The people of Alabama and Houston County voted long ago on the Amendment that covers bingo in Houston County, and the Governor should refrain from trying to bully away their constitutional obligations.  It is legal, and we will open in December."

Governor Riley's office, meanwhile, is moving forward with plans to stamp out electronic bingo across the state. It sent out letters to gaming commissions in numerous states Monday warning that machines made within their jurisdictions are illegal in Alabama and will not be tolerated within the state's boundaries.

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