MPS Board approves superintendent's goals for system's future

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Tuesday night, board members read the future in black and white, approving three pages full of goals designed to help move the school system forward.

The board met in small groups on Monday to hammer out the details of Barbara Thompson's proposal, but getting the final draft just minutes before making a decision didn't sit well with some members.

"We wanted to make sure we had it right. We got the final document right at 5:30 when we got here, so we wanted to make sure we got it right," explained board member Charlotte Meadows.

In the end, a unanimous vote paved the way for the plan: 14 bullet points aimed at restructuring middle schools, monitoring new career academies, and focusing on professional development.

"I think those [topics] are critical in terms of where we need to move this leadership.  Staff development in terms of administrative leadership, and hiring great teachers to be in the classroom," Thompson explained.

The superintendent also wants to curb the dropout rate.  A study mentioned in the proposal hopes to do just that.

"[The study is] looking at predicting maybe as early as kindergarten and first grade, so we're looking very early," she said.

The list, according to Thompson, is a realistic plan for the year.

"I think they're goals that are reasonable for us right now.  However, you never know, given proration and staffing," she said.

Board members say they're on board and ready to go forward.

"I think the goals are measurable.  They're more specific than when we started out with, and that was the point," Meadows explained.

Click here to view Thompson's proposal.

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