Memorial Service for Marcus Alloway

Its a day these friends and family members never wanted to see; but still, they poured into a sanctuary - standing shoulder to shoulder, to remember 17 year old Marcus Alloway, Montgomery's 29th murder victim of the year.

Friend Shayla Smidley says, "Its a shame people act so senseless over senseless things, Marcus died for someone else, you can count on one hand how many people who lose their life for someone else."

Alloway's uncle John Smoke say, "It means the world to the family, that the community came out to show their support us, we're touched by that."

While friends like Shayla Smidley find comfort in the courageous story of how Alloway died, they can't settle with why he lost his life.

That's why most of his senior class left Sidney Lanier High School to attend the memorial, attempting to grasp the grave reality that this could have been one of them.

"This cannot continue to happen, its senseless."

For Smidley, losing Marcus is like losing a brother, "He was my best friend, my brother's best friend,"

which gives her a vested interest to make sure everyone gains something from this loss.

"Everybody is coming closer together, whether we see it or not, God works for the best for his people."

And family members say its that same faith and the mere presence of Marcus' friends who showed up by the hundreds that's helping them through this tragedy.