Macon County District Attorney responds to Bingo ruling

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MACON COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - "Quincy's Triple Seven" at Victoryland has over 6,000 electronic gaming machines, but the District Attorney in Macon County says he's not making any plans to close it.

District Attorney Paul Jones has read the Supreme Court order and sees no place in it that says Quincy's must shut down.

"The opinion does not address Victoryland or Macon County.  They list a bunch of constitutional amendments but no where do they mention constitutional amendment 744, which is the one that applies to Macon County.  It's not even in their list of constitutional amendments," states Jones.

He also says while others are worried about the legality of these electronic bingo machines, He's more worried about the criminals on the streets.  That's why he's telling the governor's task force and the Attorney General to take care of it themselves.

"I call on them publicly, that they ought to take action and enforce that law if they believe that right now it's clear to them that the Macon County dog track is acting illegally.  They have the resources, we don't," continued Jones.

In the meantime, he's going to ask a local judge in Macon County to issue an opinion.

"If I get a clear cut definitive answer, a final decision from a court of competent jurisdiction that what's happening at Victoryland is illegal, then I will close them down.  As of right now, we don't have one," said the District Attorney.

Jones says he's not sure when he's going to ask a local judge to issue a ruling about the electronic bingo machines at Victoryland, but he says his office won't do anything until that happens.

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