Battle between city and local firefighters ends

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A lingering legal battle between the city of Montgomery and several local firefighters is over.
In September, A WSFA 12 News investigation uncovered at least 3 lawsuits filed against the fire department accusing it of discrimination and retaliation.
WSFA 12 News Reporter Jennifer Oravet gathered new information on the lawsuits and a federal judge's order aimed at the city of Montgomery.
A judgement closed Fire Fighters Toney Stephens and Ronnie Bozemen's federal case against the Montgomery Fire Department. It voiced strong allegations of discrimination and retaliation against the department.
"Both parties agreed to all the settlement provisions, so the judge has ordered that and I think I need to leave it right there," stated Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange upon being asked the judgement.
While the court system shows the two fire fighters reached a settlement with the city of Montgomery over their civil rights case with the fire department, that doesn't exactly say how much they settled for. The reason is because both parties signed a confidentiality agreement as a part of the settlement which will be paid with tax payer's dollars.
While the cases were filed under the former mayor administration, Montgomery's current administration settled the year long dispute calling it the best move for the city.
The only lawsuit WSFA 12 News could find on record with a definite dollar amount belongs to fire fighter Eddie Haynes, whose case was supported by a jury and a federal judge. 
The most recent court order shows the city of Montgomery meeting partial satisfaction in their payments to Haynes totaling more than a half million dollars.
WSFA 12 News asked the city to give us a ball park figure on the amount of money its costing to settle the three cases, but the city refused. 

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