Church deacon makes a difference to the homebound

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - James Myles is about to do something he's done for the last 2 years.

"We do it to help out the citizens, most are elderly," he said.

Elderly and they all live below the poverty level, all the more reason to lend a hand and hit the road. Myles buckles up in his church van and makes his way through the neighborhoods.

One by one he delivers warm nutritious meals.

"Good morning Mrs. McDaniel," Myles said on his first stop.

"I'm retired so I've committed myself to helping not only this community but the senior citizens," said Myles as we rode along with him on his route.

The senior citizens in a north Montgomery neighborhood.

Myles' next stop was Janie Wilson's home. Wilson can't imagine not seeing Mr. Myles because he not only delivers good meals but good cheer as well.

"It's good because I like to eat,' said Wilson.

The meals consist of veggie and meats and they're cooked and prepared by the Crown nursing home in Montgomery. Myles estimates he's delivered 2,000 meals in two years. A friendly wave is also part of his route along with replacing a bulb in Mary Anderson's home. Small repair jobs are part of the Helping Hands program at Myles' church where he's the head deacon.

"I can depend on Mr. Myles. I've known him since '48," said Anderson.

The deacon can't imagine not helping people. At 66 he has no plans to quit. This is his retirement.

Bryan" What do you think your life would be like if you didn't do this?"

"There would be an empty void. I was called to be a service to people," said Myles.

In short deacon James Myles feels the joy and hes quietly spreading it around along with the food and a smile to the homebound.

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