45 people received pink slips at Alabama A&M

By Trang Do - Bio | Email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF)- 45 people at Alabama A&M University got their pink slips.  University officials say they had no other choice.

Employees are both full and part-time at the university.

Faculty and staff are very upset about this.  They hoped their alternate budget proposal would fix the school's money woes, but it just wasn't enough to save these jobs.

University President Doctor Andrew Hugine says there are many factors at work here.  Starting with the loss of revenue due to the decrease in enrollment from 2006 to 2008.

Proration also hit the school hard.  The university faced an 11% cut in state funding last school year and a 7.5% cut this school year.

These losses over the past few years total to about an $18 million budget hole.

Doctor Hugine also cited a study that found A&M is overstaffed for a school of its size.  These 45 employees represent about 4% of the University's workforce.

"We've tried furloughs, one day a month across the board, we tried a whole number of factors to try to avoid getting to this point, and this point is really not new to us. We tried to do cutbacks even a decade ago, so it's pretty much something that we had to undertake," says Jerome Saintjones, spokesperson for the university.

Saintjones tells WAFF 48 News the university will be offering career counseling assistance to those who have lost their jobs.

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