Thanksgiving travel

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - 2.3 million people are expected to fly this Thanksgiving.

AAA says it's a slight decrease from last year, but leaders at the Montgomery Regional Airport aren't using it as an excuse.

They are gearing up for the busiest travel week of the year and suggesting you do the same.

Folks like Marco and Ann Torres are taking advantage of the calm before the storm.

They've traveling over the weekend.

"You look around now and there are no lines.  We've traveled during the week of Thanksgiving before and you have to stand in line and people are short-tempered," stated Marco Torres.

Days just before the turkey holiday will be the worst according to airport managers.

"Wednesday will be our heaviest day, so we'll see a lot of people coming through here that day.  We could see as many as 1500 on Wednesday," said Lynn Cox, director of marketing and customer service at Montgomery Regional Airport.

No matter when your flight takes off, managers say following these simple steps may prevent possible headaches.

Make sure your liquids are three ounces or less and stored in a plastic bag.

Arrive an hour and a half before your flight.

Wear small amounts of jewelry so there is less to take off in the security line.

Be sure your luggage fits the size and weight requirements.

Everyone knows traveling during the holidays can be stressful, so managers at Montgomery's airport suggest passengers remember patience is the one virtue that you absolutely need.

Experts advise that you should go ahead and book Christmas flights now.

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