Thanksgiving travel costs and guidelines

Posted by: Sherri Burnett-James - bio | email

(WSFA) - The biggest traveling week of the year starts today. AAA says that some 38-million Americans are expected to travel this Thanksgiving holiday which is greater than last year commuters. The increase in commuters means an increase in traveling costs. The average family is expected to spend $718 on the holiday trip.

Car travelers will get a break in costs due to cheaper oil prices. The Lundberg survey reported the average price of regular unleaded gas has dropped nearly four 4-cents a gallon over the last two weeks to $2.65 a gallon.

Those individuals who choose to fly the friendly skies, will see a boost in extra airline fees to check-in, check luggage, and reserve a seat. And now current $30 holiday surcharges have been issued.

Here are some travels tips and guidelines for plane travelers:

  • liquids should be 3 ounces or less and stored in plastic bags
  • arrive an hour and a half before flight time
  • wear small amounts of jewelry so there's less to take off in security line
  • make sure luggage fits size and weight requirements of airline

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