Airport travel picking up for Thanksgiving holiday

Marco and Ann Torres preparing to check in for their flight to Las Vegas.
Marco and Ann Torres preparing to check in for their flight to Las Vegas.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It may have been quiet over the weekend, but managers at Montgomery Regional Airport say flights are full this week...and the rush is on the way.

"You'll see a steady flow of traffic," says Lynn Cox, Director or Marketing and Customer Service at Montgomery Regional Airport.

Folks like Marco and Ann Torres took advantage of the calm before the storm.

"We're going to Las Vegas."

They traveled over the weekend.

"You look lines...we've traveled before and you have to stand in line and [it's] chaotic, and people are just short-tempered," says Marco Torres.

They took off days before airport managers say traffic is the worst.

"Wednesday will be our heaviest you'll see a lot of people coming through here that day. You could see as many as 1500 on Wednesday."

But no matter when your flight takes off, managers say following these simple steps may prevent possible headaches.

Make sure your liquids are three ounces or less and stored in a plastic bag.  Have them out and ready at the security checkpoint.

Arrive an hour and a half before your flight.

Wear small amounts of jewelry so there's less to take off in the security line.

Be sure your luggage fits the size and weight requirements.

"Nothing more than 90 lbs., or you'll start being charged for that," adds Cox.

Cox also suggest passengers remember one key thing.

"Patience is probably the one virtue that you absolutely need."

It helped the Torres' when they learned their flight was delayed.

"I don't get excited until I land at the destination," says Marco Torres.

Perhaps just a minor set-back in the quest to beat the holiday rush.

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