Editorial: Public Knowledge

We pay local taxes to get services and enhance our quality of life. We don't pay them to settle lawsuits.

But if that happens, we should know. It's our money. Montgomery's mayor says the city would not have entered into a lawsuit settlement with two city firefighters if it wasn't in the best interests of the city and citizens.

We don't doubt that but don't agree with the court order saying settlement terms shouldn't be public. The money being used to settle is public. We should know.

We should also know what happens at all school board meetings. The school board met in three sub-groups last week prior to their regular board meeting to review goals and objectives for the superintendent.

Our tax money will be used to implement the goals and objectives so all meetings held to discuss it should be open to all. This meeting wasn't. That's not right.

Just like the lawsuit settlement, not letting the public in on matters that we pay for is a recipe for trouble. It must stop.