Beware of fake Iron Bowl tickets

If you're looking for an Iron Bowl ticket, buyer beware.  Auburn University's ticket office is warning everyone to be on the looking for fake tickets.

Here are the security features you should look for before purchasing a ticket:

  • The front of the Auburn ticket features a silver security foil in the shape of the "AU" logo.  When turned slightly towards the light, the foil features a unique "wagon wheel" mark and the words "valid", "authentic," and "secure" can be seen.
  • On the back of the ticket there is a stadium diagram.  If an individual takes a coin and key and rub in the center of the stadium diagram, the "AU" logo will appear.

Before buying tickets from individual the University recommends:

  • Check for the unique "wagon wheel" in the silver foil "AU" logo on the front of the ticket.
  • Check the clarity of the ticket.  Does the picture appear grainy or is the centering off?
  • Tell the seller about the scratch-off "AU" logo on the back.  Ask if they will let you rub it with a coin to check the ticket's authenticity.  If they refuse, use caution.
  • Ask the seller if they will accompany you to the West Will Call Booth to verify authenticity of the ticket.  A ticket office staff member will check security features and verify if the ticket is authentic.  If they refuse, use caution.
  • If you suspect an individual is selling counterfeit tickets, please alert the nearest law enforcement officer you see.