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  • Medical Grade Skincare
    Only the finest products from the best physician based skin care lines have made it into our inventory.  We offer collections with unsurpassed penetration of vitamins and antioxidants as well as containing the ingredients necessary to stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce fine lines and restore skin texture and function.  One does not have to suffer the skin irritation associated with other vitamin containing product lines.  Your skin will look lovely as it grows healthier.  Our skin care systems for problematic skin conditions are easy to use and cost effective.  Our acne skin care lines target the cause of the problem and are therefore successful in most all acneic conditions.  The sensitive skin products can be used in most patients with Rosacea and other skin maladies without giving up the beneficial effects of topical vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy skin enhancers.
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  • Vibraderm Microdermabrasion
    Vibradermabrasion is the newest technology in microdermabrasion. Vibradermabrasion therapy produces exfoliation on any part of the body. The process is fast and very comfortable for the patient and produces exceptional results. 75-85% of the stratum corneum is removed in minutes and immediately revives the skins appearance.  In addition, Vibraderm will prepare the skin for additional procedures such as Non-ablative Light Source treatments (Laser/IPL/LED), chemical and laser peels, and hydrating facials to name a few.
  • Botox/Fillers
    • Botox - BOTOX® Cosmetic is a simple, nonsurgical, physician-administered treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and around the eyes. One 10-minute treatment of a few tiny injections and within days there is a noticeable improvement in moderate to severe frown lines which can last up to four months.
    • Restylane/Juvederm/Perlane - With Restylane®, you can have a natural beauty lift with the body's own material. Restylane® is a crystal-clear, non-animal, biodegradable gel based on a natural substance, called hyaluronic acid. The gel is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The result is instantaneous and produces a long-lasting, natural enhancement, gentle and safe to your skin. Restylane® is most commonly used to enhance the lips, fill in Nasolabial folds as well as deeper facial creases. Perlane®, is like Restylane®, but is a larger molecule and is used for deeper problems.  The effects of these fillers can last up to 12 months. Juvéderm™ made by Allergan works similarly.
    • Radiesse - Radiesse® has been clinically proven to last up to one year due to its advanced calcium-based microsphere technology. It is used the face, most commonly in the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and the oral commissures.  Mid-face volume restoration with Radiesse® results in a dramatic lifting of the facial tissue.  The youthful facial planes are restored and the results have been referred to as "the liquid face lift".