New Thanksgiving tradition in Auburn

Thanksgiving week in Auburn generally translates into empty parking lots, and closed storefronts on College Street.

But this year, the Iron Bowl, the other holiday celebrated in November, has turned the tradition upside down.

Robyn Bridges with the Chamber of Commerce, "Its a completely new way of thinking."

The Iron Bowl weekend is an Auburn retailers bread and butter, which means this year, to make the sales chances are they're taking the turkey and dressing to work.

Bridges says, "We've had to talk to the store owners who have been doing things the same way for 25 years."

Bartering with students, who traditionally staff their stores, to come back early from their Thanksgiving holiday to help score those final football season sales.

For the Auburn Police Department, the schedule change is a one two punch.  Securing the Iron Bowl which kicks off at 1:30pm, and the Auburn - Prattville High School playoff game which kicks off at 8 PM.

Right now, the Auburn Police Department plans to use upwards of two hundred police officers to tackle this frenzied Friday.