86th Turkey Day Classic On National Television

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It's all quiet at Cramton Bowl but not for long. If last year is any indication, expect a sellout crowd of more than 20,000, two teams that have battled each other for more than 80 years in the Turkey Day Classic.

Toledo Bradford wouldn't miss this for the world. Bradford stood in line to buy his ticket at the ASU Acadome. The loyalty goes way back for Bradford.

"This used to be my paper route when I was in high school. I agree this is not a hated rivalry but it's heated and highly passionate," said Bradford.

We also found Anna Meinert, a senior at ASU, standing in line to buy a game ticket.

"It's the tradition," said Meinert.

So is the Turkey Day Classic parade.

This year for the first time ASU officials say they have had more pre-gamed events crammed in, doubled compared to years past. Starting last Friday with a comedy show and ending on Friday, the day after the game, with a theatre production 'Black Nativity.'

Elton Dean is the Chairman of the Alabama State University Board of Trustees, a 1971 graduate of ASU.

"It's homecoming and it's two historically black universities coming together," said Chairman Dean.

Perhaps the biggest winner in the classic is the city of Montgomery. The economic impact is typically in the $1.5 million range and add to that the priceless exposure of a national audience with the game being televised by ESPN U. Chamber officials say the Turkey Day Classic is among the top 3 attended events in Montgomery every year.

Kick-off and show time set for 3 PM Thanksgiving Day.

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