Travelers find ways to beat the stress on busiest day

An airline passenger sings karaoke at Montgomery Regional Airport.
An airline passenger sings karaoke at Montgomery Regional Airport.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The trip from the ticket counter to the terminal at Montgomery Regional Airport sounds a little different these days.

"The reaction of a lot of people coming up the escalator, they don't know what to think about it," says Lynn Cox, the Director of Customer Service and Marketing at Montgomery Regional Airport.

Managers knew a busy airport and overbooked flights could be a recipe for stress.

So they did their part to help relieve it, bringing a different beat to the airport terminal in the way of a DJ and giving passengers a chance to join in with karaoke.

"It has seemed to be able to ease the minds of a lot of them...and a lot of them have said thank you for having the music," adds Cox.

Opal Cobb says flying usually makes her nervous.

"This music calms you down.  It makes you happy and enjoying people," says Cobb.

But the beats aren't just a plus for the airport, many highway travelers say it's what keeps them calm on the road.

"[I'll] play a little music, a little jazz. Take it easy, and watch the road for sure," says Montgomery resident, Selena Prevo.

"Play lots a music and watch a lot of football the day after," adds Kenyatta Driver.

Whether it's football or the freeway, drivers say watching out is key.

"Stay focused on the roads," says Prevo.

"You have to watch your speed during the holiday times.  State troopers will write you a nice ticket," adds Driver.

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