County Road 12 - Cat Lady

There is a lady in Tallassee who believes in commitment, to her husband, children and her cats. And when we say cats, we're talking about "18" of them. Debbie Williams has the story, somewhere out along County Road 12.

" I believe when you take an animal in whether it's a cat or a dog or a llama, you're saying to that animal for the rest of your life I will love you, and feed you and take care of you and get you healthcare and be responsible for you so everyone of these cats, that's my pledge to them." Karen Yates has made that pledge to all 18 of her cats. "This is our Japanese bobtail kitty. This is Pugsley. This kitty is my favorite male kitty his name is Linus, this is Zelda, this is Sophie, this is China. We have Buffy and Jody from "Family Affair" they have another sister named Maggie that's hiding. That's Taffy and Asia and India, that's Oliver, he's our little red headed teenage boy this is Milo. The cat that I would like for you to see is named Boo-Boo kitty after the cat on "Laverne and Shirley" and this is what Polly likes to do most, sleep." She's earned a reputation around town. "The crazy cat lady because I have 18 indoors." Her love of cats goes back to her childhood. So, when it came time for she and her husband to remodel their house, it was no-brainer. "Everything we did in here we did it with the cats in mind." There's a kitty room. "All the windows are tinted so birds and squirrels will come right up to the window the cats will be right there but the birds and squirrels can't tell it and the cats will be going crazy." There's a kitty walkway, along with six kitty litter boxes. Let's face it, this is a kitty house. "My husband loves cats he tries to act like it's all me but we would have more cats if it were up to him. And he does want a dog but until a dog can use a litter box we're not getting a dog." You can call her crazy but it all comes back to that commitment and maybe something more. "All of these cats need me so maybe that's it. Maybe it's that these were needy cats they were all thrown away. Somebody dropped them here or wherever they were. Maybe it's they need me and I have to be needed."

And believe it or not, Karen Yates is allergic to cats. She was diagnosed after she got all the cats and has to take medication everyday. And if you were wondering the cats go through about 10 pounds of food a week and about 150 pounds of kitty litter.