Regional magazine recognizes Montgomery's Alley

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - With food, fun, and growing popularity, the city's Alley is already making a name for itself--landing a spot in the December issue of Southern Living magazine.

"The unique mix is really grabbing a lot of attention," said Deputy Mayor Jeff Downes.

Count the up and coming hotspot as one of the magazine's "Top Ten Great New Getaways in Alabama."

"Today, we sit in a destination area for our residents and people around Alabama and obviously the region," Downes explained.

The transformation from clutter to community melting pot still has residents and visitors surprised on some levels.

"This alley--we've never seen something like that before.  I see a lot of progress that has been happening," said Donald Calvin of Decatur, who grew up in Montgomery.

"The Alleyway's bringing us Downtown.  If it wasn't for the Alleyway, we wouldn't be down here tonight.  We'd probably be at Eastchase or somewhere like that," explained John Grider of Montgomery.

These people represent a growing customer base business owners say comes with the territory.

"This is the one place in the city--I think it's kind of a neutral site to come and say, 'You know what? Let's just go down there and hang out, and whatever happens, you know, we'll just have a good time,'" said Bob Parker, owner of Dreamland BBQ.

The Alley made the list in its early stages of development.  Many of the storefronts are still vacant, but city leaders say they're working hard to change that.

"Time will tell who arrives next, but every single week, there are new names that are popping up," Downes explained.

It's the potential for growth that keeps the development fresh.

"Getting the retail shops and more establishments and things like that--it's really going to get popular," Grider said.

The Wellborn Muscle Car Museum in Alex City also made the list, along with Lakepoint Resort State Park in Eufaula.

The Alabama Gulf State Park Pier took the top spot.

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