Families bypass kitchen for area restaurants this Thanksgiving

The Martin Family enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner
The Martin Family enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Martin family usually celebrates Thanksgiving in the comforts of their home.

"This is the first time that we've been eating out," says Kathy Martin.

But to them it's the company around the table that matters and it doesn't matter where it is.

"This way we can sit and talk and visit with each other and nobody has to go in and do dishes," adds Pat Smith.

The Martins are like many others this holiday season who enjoying those traditional trimmings...out.

"I've had the turkey and the stuffing and the mashed potatoes and of course, I'm gonna have the pumpkin pie for dessert," adds Martin.

It's a trend Jessica New, Assistant Manager at Mimi's Café, says is growing.

Thanksgiving reservations filled up fast.

"We had people calling up until 9:00 this morning seeing if they could get in," says New.

Those calls started early for Marquee Belser, too.

"When I walked in the door the phone was ringing off the hook about what time we actually open," adds Belser.

He's the manager at Applebee's--another one of the few restaurants with the light on and the first time they've been open on Thanksgiving.

"We don't expect to be extremely busy tomorrow because of the Auburn/Alabama game, so we thought we'd capitalize on it [Thanksgiving] this year."

Both managers say the business is a boost for what might typically be a slow day.

But perhaps a slow down is what customers really want.

"It's easy this way...you can enjoy one another more 'cause you don't have all that work to do and you're not just so tired," says Mary Jane Knight.

It's chance to eat a good meal with a little less to worry about.

"You're really in a relaxed atmosphere.  You get to visit on the way here and the way back.  There's no clean-up. You can really enjoy it," adds Martin.

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