Shoppers look to Cyber Monday for online discounts

Deals and coupons on
Deals and coupons on

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Packed parking lots and people pouring out of stores.

Black Friday may be over, but that doesn't mean shopping stops.

The day after brings those who didn't feel like facing the crowds.

"I'm old, I didn't want to get injured," says Jimmie Dupree.

Dupree has eight children and nine grandchildren.  She says she has a lot of shopping to do.

So she's cashing in on Friday's deep discounts.

"They still had a lot of good specials.  The items I bought today, they were all on sale too, leftover from yesterday."

But if you thought those doorbusters were on their way out, think again.

It's time for another round of sales and you don't even have to leave your home.

Online merchants are gearing up for their piece of the pie with Cyber Monday--the web version of Black Friday.  It's your way to beat the crowds and still get a deal.

"Fix my coffee and sit down at that computer," says Dupree.

It's very easy to find the online specials. is a website listing the deals at your favorite stores and web-based retailers.

It's an option saving Dupree hassle and cash.

"I've already gone online and looked at some of the prices to compare."

Nancy Dennis with the Alabama Retail Association thinks online ordering will be a popular alternative this year.

"A lot of folks who don't find what they're looking in store this weekend will get online on Monday.  There's some great deals," says Dennis.

Still some folks say cyber shopping just isn't the same.

"I guess there's just nothing like being here at the store, " says Alton Calhoun.

"I don't online shop.  I'd rather be out so I can get a wide variety of things ya know, so I can pretty much look at everything," says Victoria Bowman.

But no matter how you do it, retailers are just glad you do, hoping whichever method you choose lands big returns for both sides of the sale.

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