H1N1 vaccines in schools starts Monday

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – The Alabama Department of Public Health will begin giving school kids the H1N1 vaccine Monday.

As students head back to class from the Thanksgiving holiday many schools across the state will be offering them the H1N1 vaccine.

The ADPH is starting vaccination clinics Monday throughout many school systems.

"Anytime a kid can get an advantage for anything from us they need it and they should get it," says Dwayne Berry, a Montgomery resident.

Schools will vaccinate kids 10 and younger before school is let out for the Christmas holiday.

"Our hope is to complete vaccination of children under 10 by Christmas and then in January to begin vaccinations of the older children as well as have enough of the vaccine to offer second doses children who got it the first time," says Dr. Don Williamson of the ADPH.

"A lot of people can't afford it and anything to help the community as far as sickness would be great," says Montgomery resident Donald Thomas

"If they can't afford it how else are they going to be able to get it if not from the schools," adds Shelby Brooks.

Only students in kindergarten through third and who have signed parental consent will receive the vaccine.

The ADPH strongly urges parents to sign their child's vaccination permission form.

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