Police release 9-1-1 calls from Tiger Woods' car crash

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Windermere, FL (WSFA) – As questions continue to swirl about Tiger Woods' accident, 9-1-1 tapes offer a first glimpse at the moments right after the crash.

The 9-1-1 caller said, "I have a neighbor.  He hit the tree, and I came out here to see what was going on.  I see him, and he's laying down."

Dispatchers said, "Ok, stay on the line for medical.  Don't hang up."

But authorities are still unable to get Woods' side of the story.

For a third day, Florida Highway Patrol entered the golfer's exclusive gated community, but once again, couldn't catch Tiger.

Authorities were told Woods had hired high profile Orlando Defense Attorney Mark Nejame, and that the superstar wouldn't be talking.

In a statement on his web site, Woods did offer his first comment on the incident saying, "This situation is my fault, and it's obviously embarrassing to my family and me."

He goes on to say his wife, Elin, acted courageously, and he asks for privacy.

Experts say, that's unlikely, considering his multi-million dollar endorsement deals and his golden reputation on the line.

Steven Smith, from the Philadelphia Inquirer said, "It could affect his name.  It could affect his endorsement deals, just a little bit."

The world's most famous golfer so used to being in the spotlight of the winners circle, now facing a very different type of glare.

The Florida Highway Patrol is continuing its investigation which could take several more days, but officials say charges are pending.

Tiger Woods is supposed to host his own charity tournament later this week in California.

No word yet on whether he'll be there.

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