Romney endorses Kay Ivey for governor

Posted by: Sherri Burnett-James - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama Treasury Secretary Kay Ivey's run for governor just got a national political figure's endorsement. Former Massachusetts Governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romnye has thrown his support behind Ivey.

Ivey is no stranger to the Romney camp. She served as Alabama chair-person during Romney's failed bid for the presidency.

"I worked closely with Kay when I ran for president," Romney said in a written statement provided by the Ivey campaign.  "Having been a governor myself, I know she's got the experience and vision to do a good job.  Some candidates may talk about being a conservative, but Kay Ivey is the real thing.  I've seen her stay true to her conservative principles as State Treasurer, and I know they will guide her as governor of Alabama."

"It says a lot when a national figure of Governor Romney's stature supports my effort to provide Alabamians conservative leadership with effective results," said Ivey. "Governor Romney and I share a passion for making government work better for the people it serves."

Ivey faces a lot of competition within her own party to be Alabama's next governor. So far there are six other Republicans in the June, 2010 primary.

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