Lanier students return amid security changes

A metal detector will now greet students at the door of Lanier High School.
A metal detector will now greet students at the door of Lanier High School.

Written by: Eileen Jones - bio | email
Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Sidney Lanier High School students found something new at the door to greet them when they returned from their Thanksgiving holiday Monday morning: A metal detector and more.

Revised security measures are now in-place after a 15-year-old, who was not a Lanier student, was found with a loaded gun.

A teacher suspected the boy had a gun and patted him down. The search yielded a .38 caliber hand gun. The boy, who was never identified, was arrested and is in the county youth facility.

That incident, and a similar one just a few weeks earlier, brought about a lot of changes at the school. Lanier is a large school, but for the first time every student must enter through the front door.

When they got inside they'll be greeted by a metal detector. It won't be there everyday, however, but instead on a random basis. Principal Katrina Roper-Smith says along with extra security at the school common areas and bathrooms will be checked frequently.

"We have a new model here at Sidney Lanier High School that order to get what you've never must do what you've never done," explained Roper-Smith, "And, I'm looking for a miracle and that's what I tell the students on a day to day basis."

She says she thinks it will give the students confidence. "They'll feel safe coming to school. They'll know that this is a safe place and a place that can enhance learning."

In addition to the metal detector the school will conduct random searches of the school and the students. All students must also wear photo identification cards while on campus.

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