Guest Editorial: Shopping for Change

The holiday season is here and many are well on their way with holiday shopping. As shoppers scurry in and out of stores, one of the number one questions on everyone's mind is "What gift should I buy?". Yet, have you ever considered where you spend your tax dollars, or can you name at least three local businesses that you support each holiday season? In fact, most people can't because the majority of their holiday shopping is done outside of their local area. Whether ordering via internet or traveling to big cities, like Atlanta, GA many taxable dollars are spent supporting businesses that in no way generate revenue for your local economy. In a hard economic season, we must recognize the advantages of supporting our local communities. Here are five reasons why you should shop locally.

  1. Shopping locally means you support business owners and employees that could be your neighbors, family members, or friends.
  2. Shopping locally generates sales tax revenue and creates jobs.  These jobs create spending which helps create more jobs.
  3. Shopping locally is convenient and means less traveling expenses and/or delivery cost. This results in more money in your pocket.
  4. Shopping locally stimulates competition that results in fair pricing and more choices.
  5. Shopping locally means you are investing in the school systems and in the economic growth of your local community. This results in a productive society for you and your family.

Let's change our shopping behaviors by shopping locally this holiday season and every day thereafter. Have a happy holiday season.

Calvin D. Johnson