Report doesn't end mystery of Ala. inmate's death

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - An attorney questions whether Alabama prison officials really tried to find out how a state inmate was injured before he died in 2007. The prison system released a report on the death of prisoner Farron Barksdale on Tuesday.

It covered almost 800 pages without answering the one question that made the case such a disturbing mystery: What caused the bruises that prompted a doctor to think the inmate was beaten? A lawyer for Barksdale's family, Sarah Geraghty, commends the department for determining the man's cause of death was pneumonia and other factors. But she questions whether officials made an "honest attempt" to determine what caused those bruises. A department spokesman had no immediate response.

Barksdale pleaded guilty to murdering two Athens police officers in 2004.

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