Congressman Bright's reaction to new war strategy

Posted by: Sherri Burnett-James - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Congressman Bobby Bright weighed in on President Obama's new war strategy in Afghanistan. Bright said the president did a good job laying out the plans for the war, but he thinks some questions still need to be answered.

He said, "I am proud that he [President Obama] took his time making this decision [sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan] and making sure he got it right."

Although he commends the president, Bright said some concerns still remain like, "What are our partners in Afghanistan and in the international community commitments to the war is at this current moment." He said the seriousness of the international community commitment to the war effort is crucial to the success and progress made in Afghanistan.

Another issue Bright addressed was the time-table Obama set for exiting troops out of Afghanistan within the next year. Bright said "I don't have a problem with Obama saying that after 18 months of American troops serving in Afghanistan that he will begin extracting soldiers."

Bright said "if Afghanistan's government fails to meet the expectations of the Obama administration, Americans will want their men and women to return home."

Congressman Bobby Bright is on the House Armed Services committee and will be in one of the hearings discussing the cost and reasoning for sending more troops overseas.

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