Brewbaker Intermediate Teacher is a Class Act

"I like to see their faces light up when I know that they've picked up something that I've taught them," says Tomisena Porter. She teaches 5th grade language arts at Brewbaker Intermediate school.

Her students say she does a great job helping them learn how to use words correctly. "Like when we have to do work on our own she still helps us. She tries to helps us as much as possible," says student Rodney Easterling.

Sometimes her lessons come in the form of a game so the learning is fun. She also gets kids to work in groups to analyze literature; with each child taking a separate responsibility. 5th grader Chela Guilford says, "the person who's the word finder... they find words that we might not know in the story; and like they go to the dictionary; and then they tell us the definition for that word."

Porter also gets high praise from adults. Assistant principal Bertha Thomas says, "she's just always willing and open to do anything she possibly can for the students. She works on several different committees; and she's a great disciplinarian, she's just a great teacher. She's a joy to have in your school."

Porter feels every subject her students take is important, but she feels mastering language arts lays the foundation for other courses. "Because if you can't read, you can't do math, you can't do science, you can't do social studies," she says.

Porter has been selected as Brewbaker Intermediate's teacher of the year. She also mentors new teachers at the start of their careers.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell