Editorial: Charter Schools

Nationally, Charter schools show no difference in student performance than local public school options in nearly half of the schools and more than a third deliver results significantly worse.

But nearly 20% show improvement.

Why not try it here?  Especially since our public education system can be better and the federal government may pony up $175 to $200 million to get us started.

The money is part of the Race to the Top Fund.  More than four billion dollars will be available nationally.

It won't be if we don't pass legislation allowing for charter schools in Alabama.

Charter schools are public, not private and are free from many of the rules and regulations traditional public schools follow, particularly regarding hiring and curriculum.

They operate in all but 11 states and serve more than one million students.

Alabama's innovative educational initiatives in recent years have resulted in tangible progress but we still trail nearly all states in education rankings.

Charter schools offer another choice for families.

Let's allow for that choice here in Alabama.