Former White Hall Mayor Sentenced

The former mayor of White Hall begins serving two years probation today for violating the state's ethics law. John Jackson learned his fate Wednesday as part of a plea deal.

Jackson pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of intentionally using his position as mayor of White Hall for political gain.

Wednesday, a judge sentenced Jackson to a year in jail which was suspended and two years probation which he began  Jackson also had to pay court cost and report to a community corrections program along with paying back the $43,000 he took from the city.

The former mayor admitted he loaned the city money and later took it back with the interest.  His attorney says Jackson made an honest mistake.  "What he is guilty of is trying too hard to help but not following all the rules of the law.  I have said before to him and to others, everything that's legal is not right and everything that's right is not legal.  What he was trying to do was a perfectly legal thing he just didn't go about it in a legal way," explained Jackson's Attorney Hank Sanders.

According to Jackson's Attorney for the past 10 years, Jackson hasn't taken a dime for his work as mayor of White Hall because the city didn't have the money to pay him.

Sanders also says he hasn't spoke to his client about his political future.  Sanders says Jackson can run for mayor of White Hall again during the next citywide election in two years.