Job summit at highest level

Posted by: Sherri Burnett-James - bio | email

Washington, D.C. (WSFA) - With 15-million Americans now unemployed, President Obama is holding a job summit to discuss solutions for the slumping job market. Today, economists and CEOs, small business owners and labor leaders will meet together with the president to share ideas on how to create new jobs.

This meeting not only focuses on workers, but employers who are seeking re-assurance from the government that the economy is getting better before they begin expanding their businesses.

Much is at stake and the government has faced criticism for listening to only "Big Businesses," like Wall Street to make decisions and not the American people. Members of the Black Caucus are blaming President Obama for not doing enough to get Americans back to work.

With many people concerned and angry about the current unemployment rate, derived solutions from the national job summit are urged.

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