Students give back to community in Dothan

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – Every year many different organizations hold Christmas parties around this time for their employees.

Students at Emmanuel Christian School in Dothan wanted to take that idea and do something a little different and give back their community.

For the 400 plus this year's Christmas party had plenty of food and festivities.

"We had some games, the praise team did some music, the drama team did some skits," says Elliott Carey, SGA President.

Students in the SGA put the party together and since they're members of a service organization, they say they wanted to do something special.

"We realized what Christmas is about and wanted to usher in the season on a good foot for us," adds Carey.

Instead of the traditional gift giving, they choose to give back to the community.

"The students instead of bringing gifts, they brought canned foods," says Carey.

Students are donating the food to the Salvation Army.  They're also helping out on their own; they're raising money for a teacher caring for an autistic child.

"Our kids have kind of targeted that and said here is somebody that we can help and we want to do that, and I am proud of having a group of young people that want to reach out to others and not just looking to see what they can get themselves," says Mark Redmond, Principal at Emmanuel Christian School.

Parents and faculty call the effort inspirational.

"It was strictly the kids who put it all together and that's pretty impressive to me," says Terry Carey.

"They planned it, they did all the preparation they put us to work, and I think it's a great thing they think of others before themselves," adds Bob Sanders.

And those graduating seniors are hoping they've started a tradition that will continue each year.

The SGA also donated a live tree to the school which was planted for future classes, and they dedicated that as well today.

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